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Digital Tools

  • Inkscape (for Laser)
  • Repetier-Host (3D Printers)

Power Tools

Minimum Requirements for escorted access inside workshop:

  • Closed Toe Shoes

Minimum Requirements for unescorted access outside exclusion zone in workshop:

  • Closed Toe Shows
  • PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, must be used at all times in workshop; No exceptions.
  • Signed Use Agreement on File

  • Each powered tool will have a tag stating required PPE for use for you and anyone near tool.
  • BSE = Basic Safety Education Course outlining multiple tools and PPE required for any tool use.
  • 18+ Adult Members may use tools if they have gone through BSE, any required training, and feel comfortable with the use of the tool
Paine Field Ste 1B Tools
Tool Owner Maintainer Training Description
FS Laser Hobby Gen5 CoroWare Jordan J Required 20x12 40W CO2 Laser
Mega Laser SnoCo Makers Tony B Required 78 in x 54 in cut area, xx0W, Being Built.
CREATR 3D Printer Kelly G Kelly G Required Leapfrog 3D Printer, 230 x 270 x 180
CREATR XL 3D Printer Kelly G Kelly G Required Leapfrog 3D Printer, 230 x 270 x 600
Delta Bandsaw Jordan J Jordan J BSE Wood/Plastic - Floor Model
Ryobi Tablesaw SnoCo Makers Chas I BSE 10"
CNC Mill SnoCo Makers Jon Required 30in x 60in - Homebrew
CNC Mill SnoCo Makers Chas I Required Light Machines CNC Mill (Rebuilding)
Shapeoko 2 CNC Router SnoCo Makers Jordan J Required Rebuilding...
Strip Band Sander Jordan J Jordan J BSE None
Ryobi Belt/Disc Sander SnoCo Makers Chas I BSE Disc/Belt
Injection Molding Machine SnoCo Makers Chas I Required 1 Oz Table Top Injection Molding Machine
Dewalt Chop Saw Chas I Chas I BSE Wood/Light Plastics Only
Metal Chop Saw SnoCo Makers Chas I BSE Steel/Medium Metals
RYOBI Drill Press SnoCo Makers Jordan J BSE Benchtop
Metal Lathe SnoCo Makers Kelly G Required Mini-Lathe, Chinese type
Wood Lathe Jordan J Jordan J BSE Recommended Instruction
Acrylic Hot Wire Bender Chas I Chas I BSE ~12" Homebrew
Router Table  ? Chas I BSE
Foam Hot-Wire Cutter Rich ? Rich ? BSE ...
Scroll Saw Jordan J Jordan J BSE ...
Rock Saw Dan L? Dan L? BSE ...
Item Owner Maintainer Training Desc

  • Assorted Dremels
  • Assorted Rotozips
  • Assorted Hand Drills/Drivers
  • Assorted Powered Hand Saws


  • Assorted Soldering Stations (Weller, Chinese)
  • Siglent SDS1052 Oscilloscope
  • Tek 2215/2213 Scopes
  • BK 1601 DC Supply
  • Fluke 179 x2
  • Meter w/ Temp, etc.
  • AmScope Stereoscope
  • LED Magnifying Lens
  • Weller Fume Filter

Hand Tools

  • Hammers
  • Screw Drivers
  • Thing-a-majiggers
  • ... you name it