Things we want to be able to do

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Put things on this page that describe what you'd like to have tools to accomplish. The idea is that if you don't know what you want to do, you don't know what tools might be useful.

Working with metals:

o Make sheet-metal things: little boxes, brackets, shields -- bending, cutting, punching

o Join metals together by welding, brazing, soldering

o Shape metal objects by cutting away material

o Heat-treat steels; harden and temper

o Mark and/or engrave metals

o Casting (low-melting materials like aluminum...)

o Forging; shaping while hot.

Working with plastics:

Working with wood and wood-like materials

Working with electronics:

Maintaining tools:

o Sharpen

o Align: mechanically, optically, electrically

o Measure; calibrate

Working with computers:

Working with paper and cardboard:

Working with cloth:

Working with glass, ceramics, pottery: