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Welcome to the Snohomish County Makers Group Workshop Wiki

This wiki will serve as additional resource information to our workshops and reference for tools.

Our workshops are scheduled on SnoCo Makers Meetup.

Welcome to the SnoCo Makerspace wiki run by the Snohomish County Makers Group. Please take an active role in expanding the content here. Please keep in mind that the content here is a community effort and not always in line with the direction and opinions of the board and officers of the SnoCo Makers.

Please contact the President for volunteer opportunities and membership grants.

Getting started

Business Ops



Equipment Information

Tools_Inventory -- TODO: This needs to be updated.


Makerspace_Wishlist_-_Tools -- Also note we have an Amazon page (use and support us!)

Makerspace_Projects -- TODO, review.


Electronics -- TODO, review.

TO-DO Projects

We need volunteers to lead the following projects:

  • Setup Firewall, Dynamic DNS and allow for multiple http based items to be hosted with port redirection? Or perhaps VPN-based. Discuss options with Chas.
  • Build out top of bathroom with platform for storage while leaving electrical/fan accessable. Discuss with Chas.
  • Install remaining Cameras. Discuss with Kelly or Chas.
  • Put pallets on top of office in a safe manor for storage.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Makers to help with/present at Seattle Mini MakerFaire -- Contact Wellington D. our SMMF17 Lead
  • Work Shop Coordinator
  • Makerspace Ambassadors! - No specific experience needed.
  • Equipment Maintainer
  • Safety Manager
  • Website Editor
  • Workspace Managers; wood & rapid prototyping


2017 Annual Swap, Auction & Pot luck 2016 Annual Swap, Auction & Pot luck