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It's freakn' lasers!

To use the laser in the makerspace you need to be on the access control list. This is posted in the makerspace by the laser and is maintained by Chas Ihler. Contact Chas or take an introductory workshop for access to use the laser.

Use Checklist

  1. Know where the fire extinguisher is
  2. Turn on and verify water pump is running
  3. Turn on compressor
  4. Turn on exhaust fan
    • These items should be plugged into the same power strip and turn on with the power strip
  5. Calibrate laser height
  6. Home the laser
  7. Verify your project build perimeter before running the project.

Laser Tips

These aren't necessarily the perfect settings but they worked for someone; The format is ##/##/# which translates to Power/Speed/Passes.

Material Cutting:

  • Thin Cardboard : Vector Etching ~2/3 deep 19/95/1
  • Thin Cardboard : Cutting 20/20/1
  • 1/4" Clear Acrylic: Cutting 95/10/1
  • 3/8" Clear Acrylic: Cutting 95/40/2