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Business Task Resources

Administrative Tasks TODO

  • Lease: Updated 2-Year by Charles Ihler in 4/2017 expired 2019 for 3,000 sq ft 1B/2H.
  • Internet: Frontier
  • Power: Sno PUD
  • Garbage: Rubatino Refuse, one can at 1B. Funded exclusively by Z&R Johnson.

FY17 Directors:

The director terms are one year replaced at the end of the FY in a Q4 meeting.

  • Charles Ihler of Everett (Second Year)
  • Kelly Gruol of Everett (Second Year)
  • Josh DeWinter of Lake Stevens

Directors Role

  • Assign a committee to perform an annual audit.
  • Approve loans, leases and all other long term contracts.
  • Approve or create committees.
  • Determine long term programs and goals for the Makers Group.
  • Approve annual budget and decide spending priorities.
  • Run Annual Meeting
  • Take an active role in participation with the group; items such as running a group, hosting and event, or other activities which promote the makerspace and it's public goals.

FY18 Officers:

An officer's term is 1 year and is voted on during the annual FY meeting in Q4.

  • President: Chas Ihler (Third Year)
  • Vice President: Don Zagorski (Third Year)
  • Secretary: Harry George
  • Treasurer: Richard Johnson

Officers Role

  • All officers: Participate: Host & Develop Events or Workshops, or run an active committee … with a minimal of quarterly activity. Example: Don hosts the robotics club.
  • President: Run the organization day to day, meet with local community leaders, current and prospective members with questions and concerns, chairman of all business meetings; be the face of the space. Eyes and ears of the board. Report and execute the will of the board of directors. This job requires a significant commitment and must operate the business with their own insight but within the confines of the goals and direction established by the board of directors.
  • VP: Assist the president and stay informed with current programs; It's recommended the VP will run or taking a significant role in a program.
  • Secretary: Maintain all documentation to include updating website with meeting minutes, keeping a folder on all current and past members within our reporting requirements; including but not limited to safety records, signed agreements, training records, etc. Maintaining archive of all past documentation.
  • Treasurer: Paying all day to day bills promptly, collecting and depositing money. Creating a spending report for all board meetings and reporting the state to the group. Budget and spending oversight.

Past Officers:

  • Harry George
  • Jordan Jansen
  • Eddie M.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Marketing Director: Zontziry Johnson
  • Workshop Coordinator: Wellington D
  • Growth Committee Chair: Tony Baltazar
  • Facilities Manager: Available
  • Metal Shop Manager: Available

Additional volunteer positions can and will be created to match volunteer skills and the needs of the organization.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Makers to help with/present at Seattle Mini MakerFaire -- Contact Wellington D. our SMMF17 Lead
  • Work Shop Coordinator
  • Makerspace Ambassadors! - No specific experience needed.
  • Equipment Maintainer
  • Website Editor
  • Workspace Managers; wood & rapid prototyping