2016 Annual Swap, Auction & Pot luck

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On December 3rd 2016 we will be having our first annual swap meet, auction, and a holidays party to include a pot luck meal. This event will be held at our Makerspace; 2615 W Casino Road Everett WA

Event Calendar:

  • 0930 Volunteers (contact Chas) and people with items to sell may show up as early as 9:30. No sales until 10:30!
  • 1030 Swap Meet Starts
  • 1145 Auction
  • 1200 Board cutting competition; see Facebook group under Nam's recent post. Best looking plywood cut wins. (Chas is the judge but he'll volunteer another person or two if its close)
  • 1215 Pot Luck Meal

If you want to be part of the swap meet you must contact Chas BEFORE the swap. We will need to assign some space to you. Only items a "maker" might be interested in... no Mary Kay makeup, etc.


Please let us know (or edit this wiki and place your name next to the item) what you are bringing!

Food Items:

* bread/rolls varieties
* cold cuts
* lettuce
* sloppy joe pot
* condiments: mustard, humus
* potato salad / pasta salad 
* beverages
* chili would be nice (but would need bowls and spoons)

We will also need logistics coverage:

* plates, cups, utensils, napkins
* cleanup supplies
* trash cans (with liners)

Contact Chas for more details (see contact information on main page or try meetup/Facebook)